Hunting In The Cold

Posted on January 9, 2017

Ever hunt in weather so cold that icicles grew from your face?


White-tailed deer are resilient survivors even through harsh winter temperatures. Their numbers have expanded wildly over the past 100 years, primarily because they are highly adaptable. They beat adversity at virtually every turn of environmental fate. Over time they have withstood and recovered from much of the worst that Mother Nature could throw at them, including naturally occurring resource famines resulting from droughts, floods or wildfires charring prime whitetail habitats. Then there are the tornadoes that ravage and uproot exceptional forest, field and lowland habitats. Consider the habitat damage done by hurricanes Katrina and others and their devastating impact on deer. In every one of these cases, however, the whitetail herds rebound. We might call that “staying power.” White-tailed deer certainly have that, among numerous other traits that compel them to withstand virtually every natural pitfall.